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Hey! Hello! Howdy! Welcome! Bonjour! 

(I think you get it, I'm just trying to say hello!)

Let's start with a little bit about us! My name is Bek & I am the owner/creator/person behind Telluric Crystals. Even though there is only one human behind the screen, you will see me constantly say us and we, but the crystals play a big part in this shop so I think of them as part of the team. 

Telluric Crystals has been alive and in action for a little under a year, but has been a dream for a fair whack of time before that! Even though we're still a baby business, we have plans to grow and continue spreading crystal goodness all around the world. 

Now onto the crystals, cause that's really what you're here for.. Our crystals are hand picked with care and love, even the ones we bring in from other parts of the world. Every single piece you see in this store, has been purchased because I love or am intrigued by them. This store is basically one big personal collection, that I share and spread throughout the world, so I promise you, there's not one thing in this store that I haven't handpicked and wouldn't keep for myself. 

I'll leave you to go, look around, and find some new crystal magic to bring into your life. If you need anything, you can contact us via our "Want to know more?" page or through any of our social media pages. 

Sending so much love & happiness your way, 

Bek & the crystals