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REFRESH at checkout for 30% off all orders. Ends midnight 21.01.2020 AEST! || 15% of ALL sales for the remainder of January will be donated to bushfire affected communities.
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The Crystal Edit


Crystals Moonstone New blog

Here you are, reading about the pearly white beauty we call Moonstone. As the name suggests, this amazing stone has a deep connection to the moon and harnesses the intense powers and energies of our Mother Moon. Moonstone is a fairly common stone, and can be found all over the world in locations such as Sri Lanka, India, United States and even Australia. The beauty of Moonstone is in the colours - ranging from blue to purple to gold, all immersed in a powerful shimmery white. As each stone is unique in colour they are also unique in power. The...

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Lapis Lazuli

Crystals Lapis Lazuli Love New blog

La-la-lapis, the stone of royalty and truth. Lapis is a beautiful mix of sodium, calcium and almost always includes lazurite, sodalite, calcite and pyrite. This stone can range between 5 and 5.5 on the hardness scale depending on the composition of each specimen. Lapis can range in colour from royal blue to purple-blue to green-blue, but it will always have little flecks of gold. A little tip - the deeper the blue, the more powerful the stone will be. This blue beauty can be found in Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, Italy and the Middle East. Not only can it be found...

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Citrine Love New blog

Hear we are, talking about another member of the Quartz family - Citrine. This lovely little stone comes in so many different variations, it could be classed as its own family! The same as the other specimens in the crystal family, Citrine has a chemical composition of silicon dioxide, and a hardness rating of 7. Fun fact: The most commonly found type of Citrine is heat-treated Citrine, which is actually Amethyst that has been heated to a very high temperature and turned yellow! Don't fret, crystals are subject to very high temperatures during their creation, so heat-treating doesn't hurt them - it...

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Rose Quartz

Love New blog Rose Quartz

Oh how we adore the stone of love! This bad boy actually has a pretty cool story behind it, believe it if you dare! Some say that Adonis, the lover of Aphrodite (or Venus in Roman lore), was attacked by the God of War, Ares. Aphrodite rushed over to save him but accidentally cut herself on a briar bush. The blood from Adonis and Aphrodite mixed together and stained a nearby clear quartz. And that's how the Rose Quartz was born! Fun fact: Rose Quartz is known as a mothering stone, which will help give you the mothering assistance you may...

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Amethyst Love New blog

Oh how I love this stone! Amethyst is one of those stones that pretty much everyone has heard of at some point in their life. It's such a beautiful crystal, and honestly looks amazing in any form. I actually own multiple Amethyst pieces, and will always continue to grow my Amethyst collection! Now for the facts!  Amethyst sits within the Quartz family and is made from silicon dioxide. The purple colouring you see in Amethyst is caused by iron impurities or manganese compounds. You will always see different shades of purple within Amethyst specimens, as the colouring can vary from...

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