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Amethyst Love New blog

Oh how I love this stone! Amethyst is one of those stones that pretty much everyone has heard of at some point in their life. It's such a beautiful crystal, and honestly looks amazing in any form. I actually own multiple Amethyst pieces, and will always continue to grow my Amethyst collection!

Now for the facts! 

Amethyst sits within the Quartz family and is made from silicon dioxide. The purple colouring you see in Amethyst is caused by iron impurities or manganese compounds. You will always see different shades of purple within Amethyst specimens, as the colouring can vary from very light to very dark purple, however the purest form of Amethyst actually has no colour.

Amethyst can be found all across the world, but most specifically in Brazil, Canada,, South Korea, Russia, Uruguay and the United States. Along with its ability to be found world-wide, Amethyst holds a hardness rating of 7, which means it could scratch a glass window!

If you are born in February or are an Aquarius, then you're one of the lucky ones to have Amethyst as your birth and/or zodiac stone. Amethyst also has planetary associations to both Neptune and Jupiter.

Fun fact: If you heat-treat purple Amethyst (it has to be super-duper hot, and use the right type of heat), the Amethyst specimen will turn into Citrine! How cool is that?! 

Every person you talk to, or website/book you read, will have heaps of different medical, physical or spiritual uses for Amethyst. I am only listing the most common uses, or uses that have been referenced a heap, because I don't want to overload you with information. If you do want to know all of the uses for Amethyst, use the Contact Us page and we can send them all through to you!

Physical/Medical Uses: physical pain, bruising, swelling, burns, hearing disorders, immune system, lungs, skin complications, and assists in sobriety.

Emotional/Spiritual Uses: emotional and psychological pain, decision-making, recurrent nightmares, stress, anger, anxiety, grief, insomnia, awareness, peacefulness, and helps to warn off negativity.

Chakras: Third eye & Crown.

How do I use Amethyst? Amethyst can be used in several ways, however it depends on your particular intentions (how you want it to improve your life). For the majority of the uses listed above, meditating with your Amethyst specimen and/or carrying it with you will help you. For physical/medical uses such as pain, bruising, swelling, burns or anything similar, you can rub your Amethyst specimen over the area of pain while you are meditating, or simply having a moment of quiet. If you are hoping to use Amethyst to assist with sleep related disorders, such as insomnia and nightmares, meditate holding your Amethyst before getting into bed, and sleep with the Amethyst under, on or next to your pillow.

Fun fact: if you are lucky enough to own or have access to an Amethyst Geode, you can actually use the Geode to cleanse your smaller crystals! Simply place your small crystals inside your Amethyst Geode and wait 12 to 72 hours before removing.

That's all for now my little pretties! Until next time, sending lots of love and happiness.

Telluric Crystals

- x o

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