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Cleansing your Crystals

Blog Cleanse Crystals

Crystals have the ability to hold and store energies emitted from those around it, whether it be positive or negative, because of this crystals need to be regularly cleansed. Cleansing your crystals helps rid them of stored energies to make way for your new energies and intentions. Cleansing also helps you get the full benefits out of your crystals.

There are so many ways to cleanse your crystals, none of them are wrong, it all just comes down to your personal preference, what items and time you have available or the composition of a particular stone (for example, Halite is a salt crystal, and cannot be emerged in water as it will dissolve).

Cleansing with the full moon is the way I prefer to cleanse my crystals. I consider it the most natural form of cleansing, as well as being the easiest!

Step 1. Gather all your crystals together and rinse them one by one under running water. I use tap water because it is super close to where I leave my crystals to bathe in the moons rays.

Step 2. Lay all your crystals out where they will get the most moonlight. Crystals love to be surrounded by the earth so if you have the ability to lay them on the ground or in soil definitely do it! If you don't have access or feel comfortable leaving them on the ground all night, sitting them on a window sill, tabletop or anything else will also work - They just need to be in the moonlight.

Step 3. This is an optional step. I like to sit with my crystals for a little bit (about half an hour), just talking to them about my intentions and goals, and how I would like my crystals to help me reach these goals. If I run out of things to say, or just don't feel like talking, I'll sit next to my crystals and quietly meditate. This is also a great opportunity to multi task and have a bit of quiet time for your self, away from technology and distractions!

Step 4. Leave your crystals in the moonlight for as long as you want. I leave my crystals out over night, and don't bring them in until after sun rise the next morning. For me, leaving my crystals out until after sun rise reassures me my crystals are getting a full charge from both the moon and a little bit of sun. If you don't want to leave your crystals out overnight, that's cool, just bring them in when you are ready.

Step 5. If you didn't do step 3, now is when you need to tell your crystals your intentions and goals. You can do which ever way you feel comfortable, whether it be talking out loud or meditation quietly, find what works for you and do it! If you did do step 3, you can repeat it again here if you want! I always do, just to make sure I am super charging my crystals.

Step 6. Don't forget to close off the cleansing process! Close your eyes and say a small prayer thanking your higher powers, whatever they may be. I like to thank Mother Earth, the Universe, the Spirits and my crystals for their part in helping and guiding me.

If you miss the full moon you can go through this cleansing process on the night before or the night after the full moon - you'll still get the same powerful cleanse from the moon! You can find a list of all the full moons for 2018 here.

Cleansing using salt water is considered one of the most thorough ways to cleanse your crystals, BUT it is not suitable for all crystals. Crystals that are porous, contain metal or water content are unsuitable for this method of cleansing. That means, no Halite, Opal, Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli or Hematite to name a few. If you're unsure whether or not your crystal is suitable for the salt water method, just check out the relevant crystal blog post for clarification!

To do the salt water cleanse you will need a glass bowl, not metal, filled 3/4 full of salt water. Use ocean water or sea salt if you have access to it, if not cooking salt is perfectly fine. Fully submerse all your suitable crystals in the salt water and leave for anywhere between 1 to 24 hours. If you feel your crystals need a really need cleanse, you can leave them in the salt water for up to 1 week.

Remember to thoroughly rinse your crystals once you have taken them out of the salt water. Make sure you get all of the salt off as over time it may cause damage to your crystals.

As with the full moon cleanse, don't forget to re-program your crystals by telling them your intentions and goals. Then close off the cleansing process by thanking your higher powers (read above for how I do it!).

Cleansing using dry salt is an excellent way to use salt to cleanse the crystals that are not suited for water! All you need to do is half fill a glass bowl with either sea salt or cooking salt, and either place your crystals on top or bury them in the salt. You can leave your crystals to cleanse overnight, or for up to a week if they are in need of a deep cleanse.

Finish off the dry salt cleanse in the same way you finish the salt water cleanse, by rinsing your crystals in running water, advising the crystals of your intentions and closing off the cleanse by saying thank you to the higher powers. Simples!

Cleansing with the non-contact salt method is just another variation of the salt water and dry salt cleansing methods. This is a great one to use if you're still unsure about the crystals having direct contact with salt, or for cleansing crystals and stones which have been made into jewellery/surrounded by metal (cause salt is bad for metal).

To start the non-contact salt method, you will need to half fill a glass bowl with sea or cooking salt (surprise - this is the same process as the dry salt method). Then place a considerably smaller glass bowl or glass drinking cup (or mason jar, empty jam jar, basically any small glass jar/container you have) smack bang in the middle of the salt and bury it in a little bit, making sure you don't get any salt inside the smaller jar. All you do now is carefully place your crystals into the small glass jar and patiently wait until the cleansing process is complete, which honestly is at your discretion. I leave for between 24 hours to one week as this process takes longer than direct contact methods. You can pour water into the small jar, just enough to cover the crystals, if you would like to further protect the crystals from the salty air, however just make sure you aren't putting water on the crystals that cannot go into the water (cause they are basically allergic).

As always, finish off your cleanse by telling your crystals your intentions and saying thanks to the higher powers.

Cleansing through smudging is a bit of a fun method, as long as you aren't near any smoke alarms (you'll find out why in a second). To smudge cleanse your crystals, you burn either a smudge stick or an incense stick and holding each crystal in the smoke for 20-30 seconds. I like to repeat the smudge method 3 times on each individual crystal, and chant my intentions for each crystal while they are in the smoke. Don't forget to finish your cleanse with a vote of thanks to the higher powers!

Sage and Sweet Grass, Sandalwood or Cedar Wood are some of the best scents to use during this method, however if you've found a particular one you are drawn to or love, feel free to use that instead.

Cleansing through visualisation is another way to cleanse your crystals, but I don't feel it's most effective, but that might just be because I can never concentrate long enough for it to work. To cleanse your crystals through visualisation, or a thought cleanse, you cannot do a group of crystals at once, it must be one at a time if you want it to work. Hold your crystal in both hands, which are either placed in your lap or held out in front of you. You can do this with your eyes open or closed, but you need to focus on the crystal and visualise a bright white light surrounding the crystal followed by a white beam of light going through the crystal, taking all of the stored energy with it. Continue this process for each stone until you feel happy each stone has been cleansed and all stored energies are gone. Don't forget to close off the cleanse process by saying thanks to the higher powers!

Programming your crystals can be a very important process if your chosen crystal has several different uses but you only want its help with one particular thing. To program your crystal you need to sit, or lay down, in a very quiet area away from all distractions. Start by giving your selected crystal a visualisation cleanse by following the above process. Once the visualisation cleanse is complete, focus on transmitting your desired intention or energy from your mind directly to the crystal. Continue transmitting to the crystal until you are happy the process is complete. Try not to confuse the crystal by overloading it with information, you need to be concise and direct.

Finally I think we are finished going through the popular cleansing techniques. Try them all, or just pick one, but leave us a comment to let us know which one you prefer OR if you've found another way that works best for you!

Sending lots of love and happiness.

Telluric Crystals

- x o

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