Clear Quartz

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The Clear Quartz is a very special Crystal, it is a very powerful healer and amplifies power within other crystals. It is also believed to carry the powers of a master healer and pure life force.

In ancient times it was thought to be a form of non-melting ice, and the word Crystal actually comes from the Greek word Krustallos, which means Ice. So you could almost say Clear Quartz was the one that started it all! 
In ancient Japan they called the Clear Quartz the perfect jewel, and viewed it as a symbol of purity, preservence and patience.

Even though Clear Quartz is the perfect feel better stone, it actually isn't the most popular member of the Quartz family. Surprisingly Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Citrine all rank higher in the popularity charts then their clear counterpart.

Clear Quartz is considered to be a very common stone, and can be found in many places around the world, such as Arkansas, USA, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa & Tibet.

Like all the other Quartz family members, Clear Quartz is made from silicon dioxide and sits at number 7 on the hardness scale. Although it has clear in its name it can actually range in colour from being crystal clear (pun intended) to dense & cloudy.

The Clear Quartz associates with the crown chakra, but can be used as a substitute on any other chakra points if you don't have the correct crystals.

Physically Clear Quartz will help you with healing and energising the body, helps to control diabetes, exhaustion, memory, can boost metabolism and aid weight loss. It will also assist with relieving the pain of ear infections, and restoring hearing and balance problems.

You can use Clear Quartz as a substitute or amplifier of other crystals when relieving pain. Use Clear Quartz in conjunction with another stone, or by itself, and rub your sore areas in an anti-clockwise direction. To restore health, you do the exact same thing but rub your stone and Clear Quartz in a clockwise direction.

Emotionally and Spiritually the Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer. It can improve the quality of life, re-energise you and channels all energies to help you in all situations.

Clear Quartz is said to help clear the mind and clarify thoughts.
You will need to use meditation and visualisation to program this crystal for your intentions. Clear Quartz will help deepen your meditation, so it's a great one to always have around you.

Clear Quartz is a tough little cookie, so you can cleanse it using any method that suits you. Just don't forget to cleanse your Clear Quartz! As it is used for everything, it will store lots of negative energies, so you will need to cleanse it once a month (or every full moon).

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