| Wholesale & Stockists |

So you want to be a stockist or be part of our wholesale group?
Here’s how it works.. 
All you have to do is contact us either by email, the form below or via Facebook or Social media and give us the following information.. 
Your Business Name & ABN, 
What crystals you’re looking for, 
How much of each crystal you’re after. 
We’ll then go away and work out the best possible price we can get for you and send that back to you for consideration. Once you’ve said yay or nay (yes or no) we’ll do up an invoice and email it over to you. As soon as we’ve received payment, we’ll add your order to our shopping list and all your items will be brought and sent to you! We’re more than happy to send you photos or lists of what we can and can’t get or answer any questions you may have about our wholesale. 
Now for potential stockists
If you’re a shop and think our crystals would look great in your store, send us a message or an email with what you think would suit your store and how much you’re looking at buying and we’ll put together some fun packs and crystals for you! 
The nitty gritty  
Wholesale & stockist options are only available for businesses with a current ABN. Prices will be negotiated between Telluric Crystals and the relevant Business, and are not to be disclosed to any other parties. Wholesale orders must be paid for before they are purchased and sent by Telluric Crystals. Items for wholesale orders will only be filled on the weekend after payment has been received.  
To become a wholesaler or stockist, please use the below form to contact us or send us a message on any of our social media accounts!