Apophyllite & Zeolite Cluster

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Oh so you like this Apophyllite do you? Before you buy it (cause I know you will) I’ve got a little secret to tell you.. 

You know the whole “sisters not twins eyebrow” thing, well that applies here too! This baby is one of a kind! There may be others out there that look similar but you’ll never find another Apophyllite exactly like this one. Oh, and Apophyllite has amazing qualities too! 

Apophyllite helps to enhance your intuition by making your senses sharper and your visions clearer (1 point to Apophyllite). If you’ve got a gut feeling, take it and go with it. Your gut usually isn’t wrong, especiallly if you’re got Apophyllite hanging around. It will help enhance your clairvoyant and psychic visions. 

It can also help dispel any negative energies forming around you, including mental block, patterns and habits. Not only can it help get rid of negative emotions, but it will also fill your life with light, love and happiness. 

So really, this little crystal that often gets overlooked, could be the one you really need in your life!