Blue Calcite Rough
Blue Calcite Rough
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Blue Calcite Rough

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Blue Calcite is a very under rated stone. Not many people think about it as a go-to stone, but everyone really should have a piece of Blue Calcite in their home! Blue is an incredibly powerful and spiritual colour. If your goal is to increase or development psychic and paranormal powers, then Blue Calcite is the stone that will help you do so.

Blue Calcite will also help you communicate and decipher what is happening around you. It will help in situations where you don't know why an another person is feeling a particular way towards you. It will help you overcome negative feelings and partnerships with people, and replace them with positive feelings.

Help release your creativity and tap into your creative energies. Blue calcite helps us to look within ourselves and can assist with communication. It is extreamly helpful in clearing energies relating to respiratory issues and sinus.

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