Rose Quartz Generator
Rose Quartz Generator
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Rose Quartz Generator

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Everyone needs a little Rose Quartz in their life! Whether you're looking to attract a new lover, increase the amount of love in a current relationship or just learn how to love yourself, then you NEED Rose Quartz. Honestly, even if you’re happy with the amount of love in your life, you still need Rose Quartz. It's going to help open up your heart chakra making you more open to love & positive energy, and c'mon we all need more positive energy in our life. 

Not only does Rose Quartz surround you with unconditional love, it helps you to see other people’s perspective, forgive and  just let things go. It will help you find your ability to empathise with others. Basically, this beautiful pink stone will help you have less crazy fights with your loved ones! 

Hold your Rose Quartz close & practice self love cause as my favourite Queen (RuPaul) always says...

”If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” 

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